Pinata Hunter 3

What is a much better way to acquire a small number of candies aside from hitting a pinata ? Attempt to break the nearly unbreakable pinata at Pinata Hunter 3 because you attempt to get all of the candy from it till you receive your hands full and your palms worn out hitting it out. You should have all the candies you’ll be able to catch and when the pinata breaks, more will be supplied for you.

Pinata Hunter 3 Game

Pinata Hunter 3 Includes various new unique Updates and Attributes to Provide you with more candy than ever in the sport, with more weapons and bags, you can collect more candy simultaneously and perhaps expect to totally break all the pinatas in the game.

The best way to play the game

Try all you want, however, the pinatas Won’t cease being replaced and Neither is your candy going to stop falling while your hands will probably wear out trying to chase the limit of the pinatas and the candy.


The controls in the game are very easy, you simply require a mouse to play with the sport. Here is how to control the game —

Click and drag the bag that conveys the candy to place it everywhere
Move your mouse around to swing the weapon as it hovers along with your mouse pointer
That is it. The game controls are really easy, and that makes the game even more fun !

Game Manners

Pinata Hunter 3 presents a brand new quality of choosing game modes. There are 3 Kinds of game style to Select from, each with Various goals, they’re —

Regular Mode — This is the traditional mode in which you need to hit the pinata continuously and receive as much candy as you possibly can purchase new weapons and upgrades.
Time Mode — The timing manner is rather demanding, where you have to collect a specific quantity of candy in a particular period of time to move to another level. The difficulty increases as you advance as the period is shortened with the necessity of more candies.
Challenge Mode — The challenge mode contains several challenges where you’ll be given with various weapons in each degree, with which you’ll be asked to make a specific quantity of candy. There are numerous variations of this objective in the various degrees in battle mode.


If you can not finish them, don’t hesitate to confirm the walkthrough movie we published a while ago. It is going to truly help you. You might even find many helpful walkthough movies on YouTube. Lots of individuals use them since not everybody is gifted enough to finish super difficult amounts. Attempt to address the levels yourself, and just in the event that you can not find them out -see YouTube.


There are many different achievement award for finishing a variety of forms of challenges, including collecting a specific quantity of candy, implementing a combo, purchasing a specific weapon etc.. Pinata Hunter 3 supplies over a hundred accomplishments to make.

Weapons and Attributes
Dropped will be falling on your preferred place, otherwise the candy will scatter off and the odds of getting any candy will definitely be negligible. To secure more candy in hopes of purchasing new weapons and bags, you shouldn’t hit the pinata too difficult nor too weakly unless you merely aspire to break the pinata. The pinatas become replaced when broken but it might take a lengthy time to split it, which explains the reason you might need more weapons.

Pinata Hunter 3 supplies You with Additional weapons and updates than any This time that the weapons supplied additionally include Projectiles, these don’t have an influence on the pain meter however these Need ammo and should cool down, they may also be updated to Increase the accuracy and protect against over-heating.

How to Play:

  • Use mouse to control in this game.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can play this game in full screen mode.
  2. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  3. Once the container is full, your money will not be able to increase.
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